Monday, July 4, 2011

what have we been up to?

we have had a few busy months. i have been really bad about posting what is going on. so in the middle of may, i got my gallbladder out after 2+ years of not feeling good when I ate anything. my mom came from nevada to help take care of me. i had a few rough couple of weeks after my surgery, nothing would stay down.

then at the end of may, we went and toured the new cowboy stadium in arlington. this place is huge, the tv screen is huge and everything about it is spectacular.

then on june 4th, charlie's niece graduated from high school. we planned a little party and swimming.

cupcake toppers purchased from the digital chick via etsy
banner purchased from clkross via etsy
frames, paper lanterns, other decorations purchased from hobby lobby

that is it for now. i will come back with more from the last couple of weeks!
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  1. Kimi. Same thing happened to me with the gall bladder removal. I could not eat anything for like 6 months and then it got better.