Monday, July 4, 2011

Couch to 5K Day 4

well after a nice long weekend hanging out at the pool and lazy rivering it up...we are back into the running.
once again, i started the run - got 3 runs into the 6 runs and had to turn back around to go to the bathroom. for some reason, my body doesn't like to go until i am the furthest away from the house. so then it is a 10 minute walk back and then we have to start all over again.

the last 2 runs were the most difficult. my legs felt 50 lbs each and 90 seconds felt like eternity. today is going to be a relaxing day at least.

we are getting a new fridge delivered this morning. it only cost us $40 after a gift card we had after we traded in a bunch of phones and other electronics that were just sitting around the house gathering dust.

i will take a pic and post it later today. also coming in a little bit is the activities we have been up to the last few weeks that were on my camera. so an "actual" post coming that doesn't have to do with running. i know you are excited...can you feel your excitement? cause i can!!

kai loves hugs...don't mind the boobage going on in this picture. sometimes a girl can't help them!
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