Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ornament Swap Participants

happy sunday everyone!!

an email has been sent out to the 21 participants that have signed up for the 2010 ornament swap. if you sent me an e-mail and you are not on the list below - please email me immediately and i will revise the count.
sorry about this going out late to everyone! but the group is a little smaller than last year, but i am just as excited to see what you ladies come up with.
  1. Lindsay Ellington
  2. Carol Anne Tyler
  3. Caitlin Thalken
  4. Danielle Cavanary
  5. Amber Sturgill
  6. Charity Blaine
  7. Robin Petty
  8. Zoe
  9. Debbie
  10. Kimberly
  11. Ashley Watts
  12. Leslie Dutton
  13. Mandy Ferrugia
  14. Tammy
  15. Lauree
  16. Adrienne
  17. Cari C.
  18. Chris G.
  19. Jana C.
  20. Katie A.
  21. Kimi - ME :)
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