About Me

hi and welcome!
i am kimi

grew up in utah and nevada
was a photographer for the las vegas local music scene
met a boy named charlie

moved to texas
miss my family
love my friends
still am a photographer

wish i could adventure more
have 2 dogs named lucy and kai

have 2 kittens named bleu and dovie love

bought a house
i love crafts
i love to travel
i love to watch reality tv
i love to sleep
i love to talk with my friends
i love garage sales and antique shopping
i love finding beauty all around me
i love staring at the stars and wondering what is out there
i love clouds
i love animals
i love tattoos
i love science
i love old cars
i love water
i love being outside with mother nature
i try to be green
i want to have a farm someday
i want to have babies and spend days enjoying every moment

i want to inspire
i want to create
i want to live