Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cute tuesday v5

i will take a baby tiger any day to cheer me up...those huge paws, those cute little ears, that orange stripped coat....aww, i want to snuggle with it!
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

late, im late for a very important...

so i am finally starting to work on my push for pita journal class. this month started to get crazy with work - but i am going to try and catch up with having tomorrow be a free day off!
here is today's prompt.
yes, we got engaged! we got engaged in austin last sunday when we went there for our valentine's weekend.

Day 20 - Push for Pita


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

cute tuesday v4

i got back from austin last night and tried to post cute tuesday from my ipod app. it seemed like it was posting, but looks like it didn't.

so i am sorry about cute tuesday being a day late. but better late than never.
so for your weekly viewing pleasure...
a puppy in glasses!

via weheartit

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

weekend craftiness

i decided to give my try at the burlap heart wreath that has been floating around on this awesome site craftaholics anonymous. i am really (really) bad at finishing projects. i bought the burlap and dye a couple of weeks ago and it has just been sitting there.

now i have never dyed anything in my life and actually had to ask the boy what i was supposed to do. he said the washing machine was the best way to dye. so i threw in my awesome pink dye and burlap and followed the instructions...

when i opened up my washing machine it looks like it ate everything and then spit it back out. this is the bundle i pulled out.
this is what it looked like after i gave it a trim and untangled the most crazy mess! *worst than when i tried to tie my hair in knots in the early 2000's cause I thought it might look cool*!
so after it was dried I "attempted" to make a pretty wreath like the directions...I struggled to make it look pretty and not all crazy with the insane fraying edges.
Here is my final product.

i also finally picked up some miniature clothes pins to finally hang our family Polaroid picture banner.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a tale of 2 kitties

dovey: what is bleu doing laying in my spot?
What is he doing in my spot?
dovey: i can't sleep in any other spot. guess i will just fall asleep in hopes he will move.

dovey: ya, i will just fall asleep right here.

dovey: but i am so so sleepy. head getting heavy...

dovey: oh, i just give up. i will lay over here, stupid bleu!

dovey: oh well this is pretty comfortable. i like cuddling.

bleu: get her off of me. i should have moved when she was staring me down.

bleu: can't breathe! need air.

bleu: forget it! i will move down here.
dovey: yes, the cuddling worked like wonders...got my spot back.

the tale of 2 kitties - conquer for prime sleeping spot.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monkey Tails

hi, hope you are good. everyone these days has a phone, iPod, laptop...and I am sure you have spent some thought into your background. I have all 3, plus a work laptop.
So what is your background of? Send me a pic or better yet, blog about it and link it in the comments. Lets see what you chose! Mine is a simple background on my iPod.

And a pic i took driving from home one day for my phone.

Can't wait to see yours!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

one year ago

viv over @ oh shoot asked what i was doing a year ago. last year was a rough year for us. last year around this time, i was working hard to do couch to 5k until I hurt my knee in yoga and was down for the count.

After that, I didn't really get back onto the work out wagon. I really need to though.

I looked through my pictures and apparently took this one on 2.1.10. It is of Lucy laying on my lap. Silly dog

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cute tuesday v2

if you know me, you will know i want a goat. i love baby goats, they are crazy and fun and act like puppies. now how cute is this guy in a sweater!

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