Monday, July 18, 2011

Couch to 5K Day 8 - Week 4

week 4 - ugh, i dreaded today. we didn't run in the then we have to run at night. it would be all good if we lived somewhere where when the sun went down so did the temperature. i hate texas summers! plus today we were doing 3 min/90 sec walk/5 min/2.5 min. walk. 5 minutes might not seem like a whole lot of time when you are 1) watching your favorite movie or 2) driving to get food...but 5 minutes feels like an eternity the first and second time you have to jog it. my body wanted to stop so many times, it wanted to cry and walk home, it wanted to lay in the grass at the park and take a nap. but no, that wouldn't be good now, would it? i made it home, in 1 piece - minus the gallon of sweat i exerted while getting through 16 minutes of jogging.
if you are thinking about doing this...if i can do it anyone can. if you know me, i hate to run. i hate to run because after my 2 hip surgeries i stopped really trying to do exercise that might hurt my hip or knees. i wish i would have done this 10 years ago...but better late than never and live with regrets. so get off your computer and go for a walk or walk with a little jog. you can do it!!
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