Saturday, January 28, 2012

my favorite family

these are our best friends'! they had a baby 6 months ago and he is my favorite. he cracks me up when he laughs and i love that i seem to be the funniest person to him. i will take that any day!

i took their pictures this morning in denton, tx and had a lot of fun. even after i have been down for 3 days because of a stupid kidney stone. i was definately wore out though afterward and might need a nap!

here are a few of my favs! hope you like them as much as i do!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

horrific pain and trip to the er

so it started on tuesday after work. i went to the grocery store and headed home. i started having a little pain in my abodomen. i thought it was just cramps and took some midol. then the real pain started in my right side and then it kept getting worse.
i was crying in pain and it was not going away. we then thought it was uti and questioned going to the er if they were just going to give me an antibiotic.
then it got so bad that i knew something was terribly wrong. it was the longest car ride ever and i filled out the er paperwork and they started drawing blood. the pain made me so nauseous that i had thrown up everything in my stomach (sorry for the gross details).
they started an iv with fluids, nausa medicine and pain medicine, after 3 doses of pain medicine i finally felt ok. they took me for a ct scan and come to find out i have a kidney stone.
it is currently inside my tube leading away from my kidney. pain is still keeping me down...i try to be a little active and drink fluids, but the pain meds make me sooo sleepy!

i have taken this time to finally update my header on my blog that jess from irocksowhat designed for me! i love it and am sorry it took so long to put it up. if you need a new one, definately have her do it for you!
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

bring on the rain!

today in drury...

supposed to rain here in dallas

hopefully it actually will

cause weather people are untrustworthy around these parts.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

running through january

i have been doing a lot of searching this month. searching for a meaning to my life or direction of where it needs to go. i am wanting to work more on my photography and head my life in a direction that i love, instead of just getting by for the money or social status. i have decided in the fall to go back to school for photography.

 i am self taught and know that i can only grow by going to school. this is one of my first pictures taken digitally in 2002 when i lived in colorado.

i decided i will not be shooting any more weddings, because they don't make me happy. i stress about every moment and then it takes me days and days to edit. i don't feel like i have creative control and everything is too posy for me. so now i will focus on fine-art photography and child/family photography. my goal this year is to get at least one of my works into a magazine and hopefully my freelance career will take off. i love traveling and hope someday to do travel photography.

i did post some new photos in my etsy shop! i don't do very well with keeping up with it; 1) because i am really critical of how others view things i love and 2) i get sad if no one buys anything...BUT SCREW IT! i love it and if you do too, then AWESOME, if you don't then it is ok.

so what is happening today? i am meeting up with the lovely Maryam from pamplemousse! for some pictures. i am very excited to take some pictures of her and her little one. i am recovering a little from yesterday, i made homemade pizza (from scratch) and it turned out wonderful and from kaitlyn having her first official sleepover with her friend. it is nice having someone to keep her busy throughout the day!

i took them and her friends little brother to sonic for drinks and it was fun having 3 kiddos to hang out with. makes me very excited to have kids! anyways, i am blabbering! have a great sunday and wonderful week!
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

jan 1 photo challenge


Well another year has gone by...No resolutions, because lets face it...I am horrible at keeping them. No weight loss, no job helping to save the world, no paint job in my living room.

Currently I am feeling a little down on myself for no changes. I don't like change, I don't like feeling like a failure when I don't follow through with something. This year, I am going to try and just LIVE. Be the best person I can be each day, make small goals I know I can do to build up my self confidence that I can do things that scare me, bring my art back and not care what everyone else thinks of it.

I hope you are around for these items. I will do 12 monthly goals, one for each month. Might be a new recipe, a new place to visit or buying a stupid mirror for our downstairs bathroom that we can't seem to find cause we are too picky.

I will post these as soon as I figure them out...cause I am procrastinator and I don't mind it.

I did "borrow" this from the lovely Jamie at Inspired Mess. It will go over a little what happened in my life last year.

1. What's the best thing that happened in 2011? We got engaged (for the 2nd time) in Austin over Valentine's weekend. We rekindled our relationship and continue to work on it everyday. I got to go to Montana for a family reunion.

2. What was the most difficult thing? We went through an extreme rough patch and I thought the engagement was off. I lost/left my amazing job to go to one that makes me sad and still trying to find a new one. I came off depression/anxiety medicine for the first time in 3 years and am struggling with life sometimes being hard.
3. What 3 words would you use to describe your 2011? learning, exhausted and hopeful.
4. What were the best books you read? The Hunger Games trilogy. I kinda have an obsession now and want to get a arrow tattoo and learn archary.
5. What was your favorite movie you watched? The Help, but it still wasn't as awesome as the book.
6. How did you change/grow during the year? I have learned that I can't pretend that life is ok and do whatever I want. Sometimes we wish life was all glitter and parties. Sometimes we want to stay in our beds all day and wish the world would disappear just so we don't have to face it. It is a hard realization when you have to grow up to a certain point and suck it up.
7. What was your favorite new discovery? Jillian Michaels' podcast. She is awesome and sometime I hope to meet her and make her proud.
8. Did you have a word or phrase of the year? How did you fulfill your word or phrase? Nope, other than Treat people how you want to be treated. But I have learned that sometimes you need to stop caring so much when people don't give a shit about you. I am awesome and will do great i just have to figure out what those great things are. Is professional cookie eater an option?
Happy New Year my friends! Be the best you!