Friday, August 13, 2010

hello friday and birthday wishes

hello friends and hello friday.

i want to wish one of my bestest friends a happy birthday. it was yesterday...but seeing i just finished work at 2:30 am - i still consider it her birthday.

when i first met her - i didn't like her.

she was the girlfriend to my boyfriends' best friend.

i thought she was rude and her sense of humor was too harsh.

but after many years and now we work together...
i am happy to call her one of my closest friends.
i am not embarrassed to talk about stuff you don't talk about with "acquintances".
i was in her wedding and she will be there for mine.
our kids are going to be best friends.
i love her family like they were my own.
when she hurts, i hurt
i trust her with my life and my most valueable secrets.

happy birthday to my bestest friend alex!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

uneventful, but hopeful

well life has been really boring lately. i have had a lack of energy, sleepy all the time and working my brain off. if you didn't know already, i work with Microsoft. We have a lot of stuff coming up for the holiday season, which means I have been working my tail off. Kinect for XBox is coming out this Holiday Season and if you have a friend/boyfriend/husband/son/daughter, etc. that has a XBox I am sure the Kinect will be on their wish list. Well that is what I am working my brain on, that and 25 new hires in a few weeks, a training event in September that 140 people will attend and I am in charge of making sure all our people are on a flight and get to the hotel and back home again. Slightly I haven't been sleeping very good.
I am going to get a sleep test on Saturday to check out if there is an underlining reason why I am more tired in the mornings and throughout the day than when I went to sleep.
Also, it has been a scorching 100+ degree everyday here for the past 14 days or so! We haven't been doing much other than going to the store for dinner, running a few errands in the morning and staying hydrated.
So that is my exciteness lately. I have signed up for Home Ec and haven't had a chance to get the items for it and am too sleepy in the evening to even attempt to get my sewing machine out :(. I am also doing Janel's Journaling for a Cause class and need to get somethings to finish some of the pages.
Summer is too hot in Texas. It makes me exhausted and I can't wait for Autumn/Fall!!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Humpday v2

hello friends
i hope you are having a wonderful week!! today's version of Happy Humpday is brought to you by Autumn...
I don't know about you, but I live in TX and it is hot as hell here in the summer. Yes, I love the summer, perfect days for swimming. But nothing more. There is not usually a cloud in the sky.
I can't wait till fall. Impromptu cloudy cool days! Sweaters, scarfs, boots and driving with the windows down.
So here is some lovely pictures of clouds. I absolutely love clouds. I wish I could lay upon them in the sky and do nothing.
Hope you enjoy and only 2 more days until the weekend!!

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