Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ornament Swap Participants

happy sunday everyone!!

an email has been sent out to the 21 participants that have signed up for the 2010 ornament swap. if you sent me an e-mail and you are not on the list below - please email me immediately and i will revise the count.
sorry about this going out late to everyone! but the group is a little smaller than last year, but i am just as excited to see what you ladies come up with.
  1. Lindsay Ellington
  2. Carol Anne Tyler
  3. Caitlin Thalken
  4. Danielle Cavanary
  5. Amber Sturgill
  6. Charity Blaine
  7. Robin Petty
  8. Zoe
  9. Debbie
  10. Kimberly
  11. Ashley Watts
  12. Leslie Dutton
  13. Mandy Ferrugia
  14. Tammy
  15. Lauree
  16. Adrienne
  17. Cari C.
  18. Chris G.
  19. Jana C.
  20. Katie A.
  21. Kimi - ME :)
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time for Ornament Swap!! - CLOSED!!

Hey lovely friends!!
Look what time it is!!
via weheartit

It is that time again for the ornament swap. I totally love handmade ornaments and love decorating my Christmas tree with lovely things my friends have made!

Last year was an awesome success!

SOOOO here are the details... Make an handmade ornament for each participant of the swap, you can personalize, you can sew, you can make it out of paper, you can do whatever you would like!

Here are the fine details:

*Leave me a comment on this post with your e-mail address and if you are interested or e-mail me at

*I will close sign-ups on October 10th, 11:59 CST

*I will post the list of the participates on Friday Oct. 15th and will send an e-mail to all the participants with my mailing address.

*You will make 1 ornament for each participant in the swap, so if there are 15 participants, you will make 15 of one ornaments (you will get one back also).

*If there are more than 20 participants, I will break up the groups. If this does happen, I will find out if you want to participate in both groups.

*Please also include at least $8 for shipping and handling to get the packages back to you. A little more if you live outside of the US.

*All countries are open to partcipate. But please remember the deadline to receive the packages.

*Swap items will need to be sent to me by November 20th and I will get packages sent back out on December 4th. To unsure delivery before Christmas, if it is not received by that time I will have to take you out of the swap (unless there has been communication between us before that date that they will be late).

*You will need to send me an e-mail on when you have shipped the package. That way, if I don't receive it within 2 weeks...then we have an issue. Which did happen last year. I prefer you send with a tracking number. That way, you didn't put all this effort in your package for it to get lost.

If you would like to include a small present also for each participant you totally can, but make sure to wrap it!

I am super excited to host this swap again this year and hope to bring out the Holiday Spirit between my wonderful friends that I truly cherish!

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me or leave a comment!

Holiday Season has arrived!! What's better than making gifts for our friends!

Please spread the word on your blog and twitter!! I will host special giveaways through the swapping time only for participants. This could be for a fun stocking or little gifts from my favorite online shops.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

hello friday and birthday wishes

hello friends and hello friday.

i want to wish one of my bestest friends a happy birthday. it was yesterday...but seeing i just finished work at 2:30 am - i still consider it her birthday.

when i first met her - i didn't like her.

she was the girlfriend to my boyfriends' best friend.

i thought she was rude and her sense of humor was too harsh.

but after many years and now we work together...
i am happy to call her one of my closest friends.
i am not embarrassed to talk about stuff you don't talk about with "acquintances".
i was in her wedding and she will be there for mine.
our kids are going to be best friends.
i love her family like they were my own.
when she hurts, i hurt
i trust her with my life and my most valueable secrets.

happy birthday to my bestest friend alex!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

uneventful, but hopeful

well life has been really boring lately. i have had a lack of energy, sleepy all the time and working my brain off. if you didn't know already, i work with Microsoft. We have a lot of stuff coming up for the holiday season, which means I have been working my tail off. Kinect for XBox is coming out this Holiday Season and if you have a friend/boyfriend/husband/son/daughter, etc. that has a XBox I am sure the Kinect will be on their wish list. Well that is what I am working my brain on, that and 25 new hires in a few weeks, a training event in September that 140 people will attend and I am in charge of making sure all our people are on a flight and get to the hotel and back home again. Slightly I haven't been sleeping very good.
I am going to get a sleep test on Saturday to check out if there is an underlining reason why I am more tired in the mornings and throughout the day than when I went to sleep.
Also, it has been a scorching 100+ degree everyday here for the past 14 days or so! We haven't been doing much other than going to the store for dinner, running a few errands in the morning and staying hydrated.
So that is my exciteness lately. I have signed up for Home Ec and haven't had a chance to get the items for it and am too sleepy in the evening to even attempt to get my sewing machine out :(. I am also doing Janel's Journaling for a Cause class and need to get somethings to finish some of the pages.
Summer is too hot in Texas. It makes me exhausted and I can't wait for Autumn/Fall!!

all images from weheartit - tags {autumn, apple tree, pumpkin}

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Humpday v2

hello friends
i hope you are having a wonderful week!! today's version of Happy Humpday is brought to you by Autumn...
I don't know about you, but I live in TX and it is hot as hell here in the summer. Yes, I love the summer, perfect days for swimming. But nothing more. There is not usually a cloud in the sky.
I can't wait till fall. Impromptu cloudy cool days! Sweaters, scarfs, boots and driving with the windows down.
So here is some lovely pictures of clouds. I absolutely love clouds. I wish I could lay upon them in the sky and do nothing.
Hope you enjoy and only 2 more days until the weekend!!

my picture

all photos from weheartit

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Friday, July 30, 2010

hello friday!

i love fist pumping...although i do not watch or have ever watched jersey shores. i just think it is so fun!! Today deserves a double fist was a long week!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Humpday v1

I will start posting something that makes me Happy on Wednesdays. Something to get all of us through the tail end of the week.

i love kittens!

i love their purrs
i love their little noses
i love their curiosity

It is all down hill from least I hope so...
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

back from the long weekend

we got back last night from a lovely weekend in Canyon Lake, TX where I floated the river. Charlie, just relaxed (since he hates river/lake water). I floated the Guadalupe River on Friday and Saturday. It was a lot of fun, but really busy on Saturday. I only brought my camera on Sat. because I didn't have a water proof case. My arms kill from paddling, but if you didn't know. I LOVE BEING IN WATER!! Love it, love it. No cell phones, no computers, no tv...just nature and good friends.

Charlie and I stopped in Austin on Sunday to visit Tattoo Mike and get cupcakes from Hey Cupcake!! I love that place.
Love and Cupcakes

Here are just a few pictures from the weekend.

also, today was the first day of Journaling for a Cause. Here is my page! I hope to get better at doodling and coming up with ideas.

Day 1 - JFAC

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Part I - 100some things about me

i am opening a window into a bit about me. i am very random and these are in the order my threw them out in.
  1. i am very superstitious, but only about certain things
  2. i sneeze like a mouse or that is what people say
  3. i like my drinks ice cold
  4. i like all fruits, especially berries
  5. i like the idea of fashion, but can't figure out how to wear things. so jeans and t-shirt it is
  6. i like things to match
  7. i prefer classic cars to new cars
  8. i wish i lived in the 30's
  9. i love reality shows. some of my favs - big brother, hells kitchen, housewives, 16 and pregnant
  10. i ache for a new slr camera
  11. i love buying notebooks
  12. i have had 2 hip surgeries
  13. i love reading books and magazines
  14. i don't like lemon/lime flavored candies, but love the fruit. i could eat lemons straight
  15. i hate fruit punch
  16. i have been married before
  17. i love bmx bikes, my first one was named purple people eater
  18. i don't stay mad at anyone longer than a week
  19. i treat everyone like my best friend when i first meet them
  20. i used to go to concerts all the time in las vegas, but hate going to them in dallas due to parking
  21. i am really good with travel directions
  22. i wanted to be a marine biologist or zoologist growing up
  23. i would rather live in a cold climate like Colorado or Montana
  24. i want to own a farm someday and produce my own food
  25. i love having my back scratched
  26. i tried so hard to be popular in school - when i should have just been myself
  27. i miss my family more than anything, living in texas
  28. i love nature and mountains
  29. my favorite food is steak (medium rare). although i wish i was a vegetarian
  30. i have panic attacks when i am super overwhelmed

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

welcome, welcome - make yourself comfortable

welcome to my new home
i have decided to move over here
reasons unknown
blog design by the lovely courtney!

i am going to try and open up a bit more on my blog
not many know the real

this is one of the most recent pictures of me.
in this picture is my new tattoo that i got in austin while there for craft renegade. my awesome friend mike did it!
also, it shows how long my hair is.
i am trying really hard not to cut it, because in the summer i hate curling, blow-drying, straightening it!

please check out the about me link above
i will slowly adding information and links to the blog
i will be starting to do a blog schedule
which i will disclose tomorrow
i will try and keep up with the blog

i hope you stay for a while
i will be participating in
janel's journaling for a cause class

la,rachel and courtney's home ec class

also, tomorrow i will be posting the 1st part of 100some things about me.
Once I started writing, I kept writing things that I want to let you in on, also things that I want to remember about myself.
this brilliant idea came from a lovely lady named viv.
she is a huge inspiration in my life.

good night for now and thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 photo review

even though i didn't blog about all the craziness that happened in 2010 - it indeed did happen. I have some pictures to document and others are just memories.


was a pretty slow month for us around here. i am guessing a lot of work and staying in the house. but we did get out to go to charlie's sisters art show.


we had super snow day, celebrated some awesome girls' birthdays


charlie's dad passed away, we bought a house


my mom and sister surprised me with a visit for my 30th birthday. which ended up being more family. we started packing and had a yard sale to get rid of a ton of stuff. we had the memorial for charlie's dad.


we got kittens, i went to renegade craft in austin, got tattooed and picked blackberries

saw eclipse with mel and took funny phone pics


we had a 8th party for Kaitlyn, we went to New Braufels and floated the Brazos River


kaitlyn started 1st grade


surprised my mom in nevada, worked a lot for the kinect training, went to the neon sign museum


flew to las vegas to photograph a wedding, went to canyon of the eagles for charlie's birthday, had a quick trip to seattle


i worked...a lot! went to death valley for thanksgiving


went to houston for christmas and saw the nutcracker, got a new ipod which has a camera :)

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