Thursday, July 22, 2010

Part I - 100some things about me

i am opening a window into a bit about me. i am very random and these are in the order my threw them out in.
  1. i am very superstitious, but only about certain things
  2. i sneeze like a mouse or that is what people say
  3. i like my drinks ice cold
  4. i like all fruits, especially berries
  5. i like the idea of fashion, but can't figure out how to wear things. so jeans and t-shirt it is
  6. i like things to match
  7. i prefer classic cars to new cars
  8. i wish i lived in the 30's
  9. i love reality shows. some of my favs - big brother, hells kitchen, housewives, 16 and pregnant
  10. i ache for a new slr camera
  11. i love buying notebooks
  12. i have had 2 hip surgeries
  13. i love reading books and magazines
  14. i don't like lemon/lime flavored candies, but love the fruit. i could eat lemons straight
  15. i hate fruit punch
  16. i have been married before
  17. i love bmx bikes, my first one was named purple people eater
  18. i don't stay mad at anyone longer than a week
  19. i treat everyone like my best friend when i first meet them
  20. i used to go to concerts all the time in las vegas, but hate going to them in dallas due to parking
  21. i am really good with travel directions
  22. i wanted to be a marine biologist or zoologist growing up
  23. i would rather live in a cold climate like Colorado or Montana
  24. i want to own a farm someday and produce my own food
  25. i love having my back scratched
  26. i tried so hard to be popular in school - when i should have just been myself
  27. i miss my family more than anything, living in texas
  28. i love nature and mountains
  29. my favorite food is steak (medium rare). although i wish i was a vegetarian
  30. i have panic attacks when i am super overwhelmed

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  1. It's really interesting to read these types of lists, especially when I have that "Oh! Me too! I thought I was the only one!" moment. Jeans and tee shirts will always be in style :)

  2. SO I check out your blog, add you to my blog list, and learn so VERY cool facts about you!!! I too am from VEGAS!!! DId you grow up there? I have to have my drinks with other, there's just no other way. And I too have PANIC ATTACK (we'll have to talk more indepth about that one)!!! Love the blog!

  3. I love all of these posts people are doing about themselves- I just might have to follow suit.

  4. Check it out: