Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 photo review

even though i didn't blog about all the craziness that happened in 2010 - it indeed did happen. I have some pictures to document and others are just memories.


was a pretty slow month for us around here. i am guessing a lot of work and staying in the house. but we did get out to go to charlie's sisters art show.


we had super snow day, celebrated some awesome girls' birthdays


charlie's dad passed away, we bought a house


my mom and sister surprised me with a visit for my 30th birthday. which ended up being more family. we started packing and had a yard sale to get rid of a ton of stuff. we had the memorial for charlie's dad.


we got kittens, i went to renegade craft in austin, got tattooed and picked blackberries

saw eclipse with mel and took funny phone pics


we had a 8th party for Kaitlyn, we went to New Braufels and floated the Brazos River


kaitlyn started 1st grade


surprised my mom in nevada, worked a lot for the kinect training, went to the neon sign museum


flew to las vegas to photograph a wedding, went to canyon of the eagles for charlie's birthday, had a quick trip to seattle


i worked...a lot! went to death valley for thanksgiving


went to houston for christmas and saw the nutcracker, got a new ipod which has a camera :)

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