Wednesday, March 28, 2012

currently wednesday

my camera smile when i don't feel like smiling

Loving: warmer weather here in tx, time to work on myself, that girl scout camp is over and my brain can relax!
Thinking About: recipes and craft ideas. that i need to drive myself more to go in the direction i would like to.
Anticipating: this weekend, i love easter weekend! (well our easter weekend with kaitlyn). we are going to go to easter egg hunts in our community, have brunch and spend fun time together. and new haircut and color tomorrow!!
Listening To: the tv and my annoying dogs bark at people that walk by our fence.
Eating: nothing at the moment. but will be cooking terayaki steak and noodles for dinner.
Wishing: for a good haircut and color tomorrow and that our foster kitty Murray gets adopted! Support your local Humane Society! 
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