Wednesday, April 4, 2012

last day of 31!

wow, where does the time ago? apparently far, far, away! today is the last day of being 31.

tomorrow i turn 32. it is amazing how life doesn't turn out how you wanted it to or as quickly as you wanted too. 5 years ago, i would say i wanted to be married and have 2 little ones running around. neither has occured, but i am ok with it.

i am learning more and more about myself everyday. so far it has been a 3 week journey, see i quit my job 3 weeks ago, because of my issues with depression and anxiety. i have been working on myself and not being responsible for anything but that.

this is not an easy task and don't judge. i am very lucky to have this opportunity and have great emotional and financial support. it is crazy that everything that causes issues are from years of years of ignoring everything around you or just pushing things aside. 

i am very excited about this journey and if you are depressed or have anxiety and want to chat...i am here. you can e-mail me or message me on here and we can chat. the hardest thing is feeling like you are alone.

so my one wish for being 32 - is to be my true self, my honest self, my happy self!!

i will post my list of 32 before i am 33 though, cause it never hurts to have a few goals to try and reach throughout the year. i will not be upset if i don't hit any - because all that matters is the journey.

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