Thursday, January 26, 2012

horrific pain and trip to the er

so it started on tuesday after work. i went to the grocery store and headed home. i started having a little pain in my abodomen. i thought it was just cramps and took some midol. then the real pain started in my right side and then it kept getting worse.
i was crying in pain and it was not going away. we then thought it was uti and questioned going to the er if they were just going to give me an antibiotic.
then it got so bad that i knew something was terribly wrong. it was the longest car ride ever and i filled out the er paperwork and they started drawing blood. the pain made me so nauseous that i had thrown up everything in my stomach (sorry for the gross details).
they started an iv with fluids, nausa medicine and pain medicine, after 3 doses of pain medicine i finally felt ok. they took me for a ct scan and come to find out i have a kidney stone.
it is currently inside my tube leading away from my kidney. pain is still keeping me down...i try to be a little active and drink fluids, but the pain meds make me sooo sleepy!

i have taken this time to finally update my header on my blog that jess from irocksowhat designed for me! i love it and am sorry it took so long to put it up. if you need a new one, definately have her do it for you!
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  1. Oh no....I'm sorry to hear about this. I'm just fresh out of the hospital after surgery and just far to many complications that happend. I totally feel the pain....and the throwing up from it.....

    I hope you get better very, very soon!


    1. oh no! i hope everything is ok!? nothing worse than throwing up when sick, it is like adding on the misery! hope you feel better soon, also.

  2. Oh no! Kidney stones are the worst!!! I'm so sorry to hear that you have to go through that now. Feel better soon <3

    1. aww, thanks darling! i hope so too!