Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy turkey giving day

ok, you don't really give a turkey...haha sounds like some sort of slang for not really caring. do turkey's care? hmm...thought to ponder on.

so hopefully you will see a lot more of me. i have been dormant. work changed, i came off/coming off medicine that i think was making my motivation/creativity hide way inside my body. maybe someday i will chat about that journey.

but moving on from the boring stuff! i am hoping to post more, will be sponsoring some blogs in the next couple of months with some awesome giveaways and also posting recipes. i have been cooking up a storm and loving it more and more. i am not on facebook anymore, but will be using twitter to promote these if you are on twitter you should add me! go do it now...kimistarr...did you do, i will wait. done? ok, good!

so tomorrow is thanksgiving. i am thankful for a lot of things and this year has allowed me to realize everything around me and appreciate what i have. and that i can change things if i don't like it.

so quick list of thankfulness.
*charlie and kaitlyn - i love our little family!
*my family
*having a job and having a roof over my head and food in my fridge
*my animals that help me relax a little and not take life so seriously.
*my health...had a rough time with it this year, but hopefully will get better.
*my friends, even though i sometimes thought no one stuck around after i secluded myself emotionally and physically from the world.
*the internet, phone, tv, etc... allows me to grow and absorb amazing knowledge everyday and be in contact with people i would never meet.
*life. we are here for a purpose, treat yourself, put yourself first and don't let anyone push you around!

i hope everyone has a great one.
oh, one more thing...
my name is kimi and i am addicted to pinterest (but in a good way)! blogs coming about my pins, food and crafts made and how i am going to change the world
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  1. Hey Kimi! Good to see you back!

    How are you doing health-wise? Hopefully much better since the last time we spoke. I'm finally getting better myself. Whew.