Wednesday, October 12, 2011

what i *honestly* wore wednesday

so i decided to participate in maryam of pamplemousse's, what i honestly wore wednesday! i see all these posts of what i wore wednesday and if you know me...i am not one for fashion. i work where i can wear pretty much whatever cause i am locked up in the "cave" all day.

i work for a property management company and do random computer things and don't really deal with people too often.

today was running and slightly cold...i was hoping it was colder (note the sweatshirt), but now it is sunny and in the 80's. bummer dallas clouds, bring me some damn rain! but only at work or home, cause the drivers here think it is the Apocalypse when the weather changes slightly.

so here is what i wore...for reals!
old navy pink t-shirt with polar bears and hearts
american eagle sweatshirt
avis tennis shoes*

*story about these shoes. last october i was in vegas shooting a wedding and was trying to come home, only to find out they overbooked the flight for seats...bummer! even more of a bummer, my suitcase made the flight. "bye suitcase, hope you like the flight! cause now i am stuck without anything and the next flight is in the morning."
so i went to the outlet stores to find some things to hold me over, pjs, change of undies, makeup (the necessities) and i found these shoes. now see it is hard for me to find shoes at outlet places or any place for that fact. i wear a size 11...hello big foot coming through, grab your children!

so i grabbed these shoes cause the store was about to close in 10 minutes and i had to catch my shuttle back to the hotel.
these were just some cheap tennis shoes for the flight and since have become my go to tennis shoes. they are comfy and warm, i don't tie them...cause i am lazy and really don't see myself running for my life.

ok, end of story....moral - sometimes quick buy shoes that you don't need become your favorite pair.

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