Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bye bye...

bye bye November
where did this month go? i love the fall and wish it was at least 2 months longer for apple cider, trees turning colors, pumpkins everywhere and nice walks in the cool brisk air.
but with saying goodbye to November, I say....

hello December

i am not ready for you. i have many more gifts to make, parades and plays to go to, presents to wrap, candy and cookies to make and a house to decorate.

can we stop time just for a few weeks? no? ok...fine!

i am working on some homemade gifts for family (which i will not post until after the holidays), waiting for my christmas cards to come in the mail. the great thing is i had a few people tell me they are looking forward to them, cause we do picture cards every year. one year is a nice pic, the next year is a crazy, silly one.
here are the last 3 years of holiday pictures just in case you are new or missed them. they are a lot of fun to do and we love planning them. we especially love that everyone looks forward to them.

christmas 2008
rock star life

christmas 2009
last christmas in our coppell, tx house

christmas 2010
ugly sweater christmas

this year is a nice picture, my lovely friend was nice enough to take some quick pictures for us as a repayment for me taking her family pictures. i will show them later this month.

i hope everyone is ready for this month! i am slowly getting there and maybe after this weekend i can breathe a little easier.

happy december and i will be back tomorrow with my december goals, which include, cooking, fitness and memorable holiday activities.

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  1. Can't wait to see your Christmas card! I know... November went way too fast. Sounds like you have a lot planned for this month. ENJOY!