Wednesday, February 9, 2011

weekend craftiness

i decided to give my try at the burlap heart wreath that has been floating around on this awesome site craftaholics anonymous. i am really (really) bad at finishing projects. i bought the burlap and dye a couple of weeks ago and it has just been sitting there.

now i have never dyed anything in my life and actually had to ask the boy what i was supposed to do. he said the washing machine was the best way to dye. so i threw in my awesome pink dye and burlap and followed the instructions...

when i opened up my washing machine it looks like it ate everything and then spit it back out. this is the bundle i pulled out.
this is what it looked like after i gave it a trim and untangled the most crazy mess! *worst than when i tried to tie my hair in knots in the early 2000's cause I thought it might look cool*!
so after it was dried I "attempted" to make a pretty wreath like the directions...I struggled to make it look pretty and not all crazy with the insane fraying edges.
Here is my final product.

i also finally picked up some miniature clothes pins to finally hang our family Polaroid picture banner.

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