Thursday, February 3, 2011

a tale of 2 kitties

dovey: what is bleu doing laying in my spot?
What is he doing in my spot?
dovey: i can't sleep in any other spot. guess i will just fall asleep in hopes he will move.

dovey: ya, i will just fall asleep right here.

dovey: but i am so so sleepy. head getting heavy...

dovey: oh, i just give up. i will lay over here, stupid bleu!

dovey: oh well this is pretty comfortable. i like cuddling.

bleu: get her off of me. i should have moved when she was staring me down.

bleu: can't breathe! need air.

bleu: forget it! i will move down here.
dovey: yes, the cuddling worked like my spot back.

the tale of 2 kitties - conquer for prime sleeping spot.
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