Wednesday, March 2, 2011

comfy couch

what is going on?

i hate that when i decide to try and focus more on my
art journaling
life in general

i get super busy at work. for the past 3 weeks i have been working overtime.

i get home around 7:30 pm and am so beat from the day it is hard to
be creative
be energized
be motivated

i am working on my photo booth for funky finds spring fling - which is in less than 2 weeks! eek! i have never shot in a studio setting. i am really nervous, exciting, scared - did i say NERVOUS!

hopefully soon something great will happen. creativity and greatness will come back to this blog, to my photography and i will do everything that is in my head.

i want a baby squirrel
i need to do laundry
i should save more money

loves you my friends!

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