Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what a process

for some reason it takes me forever to post a blog entry. i am such a perfectionist so i go into too much detail. maybe i should start limiting my entries to 2 pictures or something so you can at least have a little. i swear i have like 30 half way finished entries that i forget about cause i am 1. scatterbrained 2. impatient 3. get bored too easily 4. forgetful

i am still working on the 2010 in review post cause i was not organized with my pictures last year at all. i have them in like 5 different places!

so to hold you over. here is a little something from sunday when i went antiqueing with my lovely friend skye!

photo by me (will be available on etsy soon)

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  1. cute picture! i think that will look cute in my casa! xo